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What is Holding You Back From Success?

successOftentimes you may see yourself being successful in business, relationships, life but the reality of it is elusive and fleeting, at best.  It does not make sense to you because you see it and feel it but it just won’t kick into gear.  In many instances, this feeling is caused by an emotional block that stands in your way of moving forward and being progressive in your actions. You may be operating from a limiting belief about who you are and your capabilities.

I recently read a quote attributed to Michael Jordan that said “you have to expect things of yourself before you can do them” and if you are familiar with his story, this belief is what caused him to begin excelling in basketball in his junior high school year (along with his innate talent and skill). Everyone has talents, skills and abilities within them that can drive them towards being successful at the things they value the most because it generally comes from the heart center, which is why the feeling of success can be vexing; you know you have it in you. Unfortunately what happens to many people is they stay stuck where they are because they are comfortable, don’t know where to begin or what to do, or do not feel they deserve any better.

If you are in business, you have to get out of your own way sometimes to become the successful entrepreneur that you know you can be. Even though you have a great business concept and have set the operational framework in place to open your doors, there are still no guarantees, especially if you are emotionally stuck. Being stuck may cause you to not be teachable or coachable.  It may cause you not to seek out the help you need for small and big problems, like reaching your ideal clients and selling your product or service for their true value. An acquaintance of mine likes to use the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” and that is true, especially when followed by the phrase, “when you know better, you do better.”

If you are feeling stuck and have begun to doubt yourself, ask yourself, what is holding me back?  If you are really honest with yourself, you may find it’s that thing deep down inside that says you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, or you recall a parent telling you at age 12 you were not good enough and you are still hanging on for their approval. It’s all negative energy that holds you back and keeps you stagnant.  And the sad part is it occurs subconsciously so unless you keep digging, you just suppress the nagging, vexing emotion that aludes you from being the successful person that you know you are destined to become.


EFT Tapping points

At a business conference I recently attended, I learned about an emotional freedom technique (EFT) called tapping that was introduced as a tool to help conference guests to overcome limiting beliefs and fears so that they could focus their energy more on achieving business success.  It’s a different concept that is simple and easy that appears to be effective in channeling negative energy. by using your fingers and certain spots on your upper body.  I thought it was odd and strange but it actually seemed to work when I tried it out.  I found a video on YouTube that explains the basic concept and purpose of Tapping.  It appears to be consistent in what was taught at the conference as well as other research I have done on EFT (tapping).

My point in all of this is to share that It’s now time to move forward and unlock and realize your true potential as an entrepreneur and business owner.  The tool is in your hands (and fingers) so no more excuses.

Best wishes and Good Luck in your continued transformation towards success in all aspects of your life, especially in your business endeavors.

Branding Yourself Through Your Bio

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If you have an online presence and trying to grow your business, a well written bio is a great way to connect with your followers.  Here’s why:

  1. Makes you relatable. If you put out a product or service, people often want to know the brains behind the idea. A connection is made if they feel you are trustworthy and have something in common with them. Building your business is about building relationships through connections.
  2. Shows your uniqueness.  No two people are alike so your personal bio allows you to share your distinctive individuality and how you stand apart from the crowd.
  3. Tells your story.  You get to frame the context of who you are and what you represent in life through your values and experiences.

4 Handy Tips To Consider

When drafting a bio, keep these handy tips in mind:

1)     Short and concise is better.  You do not have to tell your entire life history; only career or accomplished high points.  Example: Sally Goodgirl is an award winning performer and songwriter best known for her hit single, You Did That Girl.  When not creating music, Sally spends quality time with her husband and twin daughters building tiny houses.  

2)     Be uniquely authentic and write from your heart.  Represent who you feel best as; people have a tendency to write about their representative not the real person. Example: When not making award winning music, Sally Goodgirl pays her success forward through her family-run nonprofit, Tiny Houses, which uses donated supplies to build small houses for the homeless.  

3)     Proofread.  Use good grammar and spell words correctly. It can be distracting to the reader and you may lose their interest. When in doubt, look the word up, please!  

4)     Revisit and revise.  You may have to modify your bio depending on the audience, especially if it’s related to a field in which you are an expert. Sally as an artist speaking to music students:  Sally Goodgirl writes, records and produces inspirational music with hip hop influence through her record company, Goodgirl Sounds. An honors graduate of The School of Music, Sally is an award-winning music professional with the current top hit single, You Did That Girl.

In conclusion, your bio is the best way to represent the best of who you are to your audiences. Use it to your advantage to sell your talents, gifts, products and services. Write from your heart and the words will flow.  If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a complimentary review and feedback of your bio at

4 Communities for New and Emerging Bloggers

The world of blogging can be overwhelming.  So much to learn. So much to do. So much to write about.  Yes, the basic premise of blogging is to write good content on subjects that matter to the writer in hopes of making a connection with a reader who becomes a follower.  It’s really all about relationship building.

But the reality is, bloggers need inspiration, ideas and a support network for growing their followers and tools for creating a powerful and exciting blog.  One effective solution is to join a blogging community. You will meet and identify bloggers who have the same challenges as you.  You will glean ideas for content and writing better content. You will also learn how to turn your blog into a business.

Below, I am sharing four communities that I have found recent value in following as I continue to develop myself as a professional blogger and building my social media business.  I hope you visit and you find value, too, in the information that they have to share. Oh, and if this information was of value to you, please consider following my blog and I will follow back. Enjoy!