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Did You Know That Your Story Matters?


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For entrepreneurs and small business owners working to establish their professional network, visibility and influence, it is important to consider how you want to project your image and company brand as an expert or niche specialist.  You have probably heard or read repeatedly about creating your elevator pitch, networking, getting a mentor, doing local speaking gigs and putting yourself out there as an expert.  These are all great suggestions and ones that really should be followed.  However, taking the initiative to accomplish these things does not always come naturally.  So where do you really start?

Start with making sure you are relatable. Why?  Because people make connections with people, not obscure objects and things.  When you think of someone who inspires you, it was probably because you connected with them on some level.  And one way you probably connected was through a story that showed humanness, shared a similar experience, or piqued an emotion of empathy.   Have you ever had an experience where you did not quite care for someone but then you learned of a story in which they overcame some adversity, and then you saw the person in a different light and they actually became tolerable or you began to like them?  For me, I like to hear people’s stories.  I like to know what motivates, inspires and encourages them towards success because those stories serve as motivation for me to stay the course and never give up.

The good thing about considering this type of strategy is that we all have a story or aspects of a personal story that can be appropriately shared in a professional manner without over sharing.  Doing so with sincerity can help to build your influence while promoting and growing your business and personal and professional brands.  To provide some context for my point, consider reading this article by Rebecca Goldsmith of C-Level Stories who provides a six-step do-it-yourself process for preparing to share your story.

Remember, you are your first best brand ambassador.  No one can market you better than you can.  Get comfortable with your story of courage, conviction, hustle or failure.  It will be the the little things in your story that show character and humility and that will draw people closer to you.

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bloglovin_logga2As I’m always scouring for interesting opportunities to encourage blogging, I recently stumbled upon Bloglovin, a marketplace for any and all types of blogs housed in a central place.  You basically link your blog to bloglovin and you can follow any blog on their site and receive a feed through them.  No more individual notices of updated blog posts.  And with the Internet, there are so many different types of blogs on every topic imaginable.  This is an easy way to stay abreast of what’s popular or unique and interesting.  May even offer you some ideas for your own blog posts.  I’m sure there has been no niche left behind but you could go see for yourself and then start your own niche blog to link to bloglovin. There is even a mobile app for iphone, Android and ipad to make it even more convenient for those always on the go. But hey, don’t trust me. Go over to bloglovin and see for yourself at


Freelance Writer For Hire

I am very pleased and excited to announce that I have begun my new career as a full-time freelance writer.  I am seeking online opportunities where I can work from home, and have recently completed four small assignments.  It

Diva Nina logohas been a long time coming but sometimes drastic things have to happen in one’s life in order to follow the heart and do what comes natural.  I recently read somewhere about being the CEO of your own destiny, and that’s my mantra for the remainder of October. As I move forward in this journey, I appreciate your support and ask that you consider emailing my landing page link to people you know who may be seeking writing, editing and proofreading assistance.

In parting, may I suggest you step out on a limb and follow your heart and dreams.  There is no use in trying to make yourself fit into a box that you were never designed to fit into or stay where you are not valued.  There was an article that I recently ran across about a study that suggested how stress created by some jobs are slowly killing people mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Yes, some workplaces create and perpetuate work cultures that are very toxic and dysfunctional. Unfortunately, many of us stay because we feel stuck, jobs are no longer plentiful, fear and comfort. But the question you really have to ask yourself is what is your health worth?  Whether you leave or your own, get laid off or terminated, it is probably the biggest blessing in disguise. Peace 🙂