Blog resource: Bloglovin

bloglovin_logga2As I’m always scouring for interesting opportunities to encourage blogging, I recently stumbled upon Bloglovin, a marketplace for any and all types of blogs housed in a central place.  You basically link your blog to bloglovin and you can follow any blog on their site and receive a feed through them.  No more individual notices of updated blog posts.  And with the Internet, there are so many different types of blogs on every topic imaginable.  This is an easy way to stay abreast of what’s popular or unique and interesting.  May even offer you some ideas for your own blog posts.  I’m sure there has been no niche left behind but you could go see for yourself and then start your own niche blog to link to bloglovin. There is even a mobile app for iphone, Android and ipad to make it even more convenient for those always on the go. But hey, don’t trust me. Go over to bloglovin and see for yourself at


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