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An Easy-To-Do Tip to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

blog-keepcalmIn business, your focus is the bottom line and return on investment.  If you are blogging to drive traffic to your business website, sell a product, share your perspective or industry news, you probably want to reach as many people as possible.  Consider registering your blog with a blog directory.

If you are an entrepreneur and a small business business owner, you may be thinking you don’t have the time or the money (because some of these directories do charge).  But there are some free directories, and I will share below three that I found.  Yes, the free directories have thousands of listings and you are probably thinking, “How will anyone find me?”  Well, ask yourself this question next, “Will anyone find me if I do nothing?”

When you are starting out in business and using social media, your focus should be on gaining exposure and growing your network.  Of course, you want the right kind of exposure, but putting forth the effort to attempt to get exposure is better than not doing anything at all.  And, sometimes you can’t just rely on the people you know to help spread the word about what you’re doing (unless they have a huge network; most people won’t do it unless they see it offering value to them). When you register with a directory, you are listed, you don’t have to do any maintenance (unless you decide to delete yourself), and you can forget about it. Let it do the work for you because you never know if someone may stumble upon what you have to offer because of their own search.

So take about 30 to 45 minutes and go visit the following and consider registering.  If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, have your teenager or college student do it or hire a virtual assistant for an hour.  Advertises as an open directory maintained by volunteers.  Advertises as an open directory and the internet’s largest B2B Search Engine and one of the oldest business directories), Advertise as a free global web directory to help bloggers gain exposure)

There are probably many more, but these are a few that I found that seemed interesting and that I wanted to share.  If you have other free directories to share, please comment below.

Thanks for your time, happy blogging, and as always, let us know if you need any help.

Overcoming Bloggers Block

You started your blog, now what? You seem to have run out of ideas. Well, that happens often so don’t get discouraged and stop blogging. You put the effort into starting your blog so here are five tips that may provide a little inspiration when your writers block kicks in or the ideas just are not flowing.

1. Watch or read the news.  If something catches your attention, it may be worthy of a blog article, especially depending on the angle you decide to take.  It could be an editorial you agree or disagree with, pending legislation that concerns you or that you want to publicly support. Then there is sports news, if you’re a fan, and of course, there is more than enough celebrity news to chime in about. Also consider a memorial post.  I recently wblog imagerote one on Robin Williams on my personal blog at

2. Read other people’s blogs. Do you have a favorite blog you follow? Find out what are they writing about, e.g. a new product, new technology? Your perspective may be different and provide an interesting take. If that doesn’t inspire you, why not comment on some blog posts and then expand your comments into a post on your blog. As well, consider joining a blogging community, like ProBloggers, where you can gain a wealth of knowledge, information, tools, but more importantly, inspiration for better blogging.

3. What’s your favorite television show or book? When I missed an episode of the television drama, Scandal, I loved reading blogs to get there perspective. Even though I missed the show, I always felt like I watched it.  Also, I’m not a reality television fan, but I seem to know what’s going on because of a recap I read on a blog.  Or how about a book you read that you want to recommend or give a review or critique (without spoiling the ending for someone). You could also find a bad (or good) review and write a post countering the reviewer’s opinions.

4. Anything interesting happening in your life?
Attended a conference, took a vacation, or learned a new hobby?  These can make interesting topics to write about.  What about posts about special characters, like family members or close friends.  Just be careful not to reveal too much or share anything personal, and keep it short and amusing. Also, once you introduce a particularly interesting person to your readers, they may enjoy reading more stories.

5. Have any special skills? We all have unique gifts and talents.  What’s yours? There may be people who are interested in knowing how to do it.  You can give away tips on cooking, sewing, cleaning, fix-it projects, pet care, child care, beauty secrets, personal care or organizing tips. Also, consider making it a regular feature on your blog and that’s at least always one fail proof blog entry that you will have.

These are just some ideas, but hopefully, they have inspired you to think beyond your niche or product when determining blog articles.  You can always find a creative way to spin a subject to fit your topic. So don’t let a lack of ideas stop you from blogging.

4 Value-Added Reasons to Have a Blog

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you looking for a way to promote your brand, business or product?  Don’t overlook the value of blogging.  I’m sure as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are asking “why a blog?” and “who has time to write!”

First, here are a few blogs for you to preview so you can see and understand what I mean: (promotes personal branding and coaching tips and tools) (promotes blogging tools and tips) (shares online and social media tips and tools)

Not convinced yet, well here are 4 value-added reasons you should consider a blog if your goal is to increase your online presence, sell a service or product, or promote your brand:

  1. Easy to get started and update
  2. Liked by the search engines
  3. Automatically creates feeds
  4. Interactive and conversational

In case you were wondering, the term “blog” is short for web log and can be described as an online diary where entrepreneurs can talk about their company, products, and business goals.  It can also be used to share information about industry-related news.  (NOTE:  I will describe and discuss in a later post the value of “microblogging” and “vblogging” and the difference from a regular blog site.)

Blog Creation and Maintenance

Yes, a blog IS a website but it is much easier to create, navigate, and maintain.  You just type your message in (or cut and paste from your Word document), preview, and publish. There is also a feature to upload images, which really adds value to your blog posts.  It really is that simple.  Now, if you are writer you can just type into the post feature which will save you time. However, my suggestion is to write out the article in Word (so you can cut and paste) OR hire someone to write articles, especially industry related information.  As a matter of fact, they don’t have to be long posts but small junks of information so you are not overwhelming your visitors.

If you are a newbie, starting a blog is easy.  For example, Blogger and Word Press both can be started by creating an account and selecting a few choices. Once you become comfortable with your blog and began experimenting (because you will), you will be able to add custom features, such as hosting your blog on your own domain.

Search engine compatibility

Search engines like blogs because they are generally updated regularly and have fresher content. The search engines also like the RSS feeds from blogs. Properly used, feeds can allow you to generate links from other authoritative sites such as Technorati, Feedburner, and others. These high PR sites create backlinks to your site which will make the search engines rate you higher. People can easily subscribe to your feed and know when you have updated your site through various RSS readers.

Community Building

If you are interested in building a community, one of the best advantages of a blog is it encourages dialogue and conversation. I personally use WordPress hosted by
GoDaddy and this platform allows  readers to comment directly on what ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????you have written, as well as like and share your information.

Now, the good thing about this is that get additional updated content (which the search engines like) and you get direct feedback on your content. Let’s see, which are you more likely to do? Click a comment link and leave your input on a blog or try and find a way to contact the average webmaster. Even if you do it is usually through a form or email that does not increase the content of the site.

So you’re still not sure about a blog, huh?  You are probably thinking you don’t have time to write articles or log on and post them.  Well, that’s were companies like Own Your Idea and Content Divas can help you in creating quality content that engages your readers.  But first, you have to see the value of having a blog to promote your business, brand, or product.  Me personally, I believe in blogging as another tool to help get you where you want to go, blogging definitely gets my vote. But I want to know your thoughts, or if you have a blog site that you want to share, please include in the comment section below.


More simpler than you think

It’s Monday evening and I’ve been feverishly working all day on my PC putting into place the techniques, knowledge and skills that I accumulated over the past three days from the NAMS 12 Conference about business, social media, and Internet marketing.  Watch out for big things coming from and Own Your Idea, LLC, as well as some other joint venture projects that are in the works.  This is about to be explosive.

NAMS12 was phenomenal and I tell you, if you are really serious about breaking out of the work paradigm and becoming an entrepreneur, especially starting an online business and creating a lifestyle brand for yourself, then it’s to your benefit to make a small investment in yourself and move forward.  My NAMS experience was phenomenal, and i tell you, there is NO WHERE that you can go and get the type of experience and support that they offer.  I highly encourage you to sign up and reserve your seat now for the next conference in March 2015 for under $200.  And this is not a sales pitch.  I am sharing the key to something that will literally transform your life and outlook, but only if you are serious.

Joel Comm

Met New York Times best selling author Joel Comm, a very great guy, at NAMS12 in Atlanta. One thing I learned from him about social media is the difference between a return on investment vs. a return on relationships (a term he attributes to Ted Rubin). That’s why it social media; it really is all about building relationships.

I remember when people would say, “oh you’re not ready” and I obviously didn’t know what they meant.  But you really have to be ready mentally to change your perspective on everything you’ve ever been taught about work because when it hits you, you are going to be in shock that you couldn’t see what was already in your face. You realize that you really don’t know what you don’t know.

So my biggest mindshift takeaway from NAMS13 is that being a successful entrepreneur requires that you think differently without overthinking because it’s a lot more simpler than you think.

Hope to see you at NAMS13.

Day 1 and 2 at NAMS12

Greg Cesar, Internet millionaire and adword expert, taught his failproof strategy on building a six figure online business.

I have completed two days at NAMS12 Conference hosted by David Perdew in Atlanta, and boy have I learned a lot in 16 hours.  Some of the best and brightest in internet marketing have shared secrets to creating a successful business.  The workshops have been hands on and you walk away with not just information, but real tools to launch an online business. You literally can leave the conference with a business up and running before you make it back home.  Absolutely amazing and THE best conference I have ever attended. But the best part is the NAMs attendees are a family community in which everyone wants to see everyone become successful.  Here are some of my  highlights:

Day 1:  Powerful keynote presenters such as Paul Evans who motivated attended with his 5 Stones success concept and photographer and expert media show creator Tony Laidig, who taught about reinventing your life, and marketing expert Alex Mandossian who told us that “we are not as good as we think we are; we’re better. One of my highlights was the Secrets to Creative and Quick Marketing Videos by Michelle Schoen and learning the true power of using PowerPoint.

NYT best selling author Joel Comm and the NAMS Community book release signing for “So, What Do You Do? Vol 2 – NAMS Edition” Discovering the GENIUS Next Door with One Simple Question

Day 2:  Marketing Strategist Christine Cobb shared list building secrets and Internet millionaire and adwords marketing genius Greg Cesar shared how to build a six figure business from scratch.  And if you’ve never heard him speak or present, this is a definite must do if you plan to have an online business.  Connie Ragen Green shared an inspirational story about expecting miracles and her transformation manifestation.


Online marketing strategist and marketing mentor Connie Ragen Green shares inspirational story on creating a successful online business.

You really are missing it. I wish you were here with us to experience this exciting and informative conference.  But you can make plans now to join us March 20-22, 2015  in Atlanta for NAMS13.  For a limited time, you can reserve your seat for only $100,  but you must act fast. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  This will be THE best investment in yourself and your online business that you’ll ever make — GUARANTEED!

Business Training for your Online Marketing Success

my NAMs today

NAMS12 Atlanta, GA August 1-3, 2014

In a few hours the NAMS12 Conference (August 1-3) will kick off in Atlanta, GA.  Own Your Idea LLC is very excited about this event and the opportunity to participate and learn from some pros.

If you are interested in online marketing, or have already been doing it but feeling stuck about your blog content, growing your followers, you NEED to be a part of this.  And you still can even if you can’t physically make it with access to the complete conference recordings.

Come learn how to grow your online business, This is YOUR transformational season of business success and wealth creation. Invest in your success. Invest in your future. Invest in You. The time is NOW!!!

Branding Yourself Through Your Bio

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If you have an online presence and trying to grow your business, a well written bio is a great way to connect with your followers.  Here’s why:

  1. Makes you relatable. If you put out a product or service, people often want to know the brains behind the idea. A connection is made if they feel you are trustworthy and have something in common with them. Building your business is about building relationships through connections.
  2. Shows your uniqueness.  No two people are alike so your personal bio allows you to share your distinctive individuality and how you stand apart from the crowd.
  3. Tells your story.  You get to frame the context of who you are and what you represent in life through your values and experiences.

4 Handy Tips To Consider

When drafting a bio, keep these handy tips in mind:

1)     Short and concise is better.  You do not have to tell your entire life history; only career or accomplished high points.  Example: Sally Goodgirl is an award winning performer and songwriter best known for her hit single, You Did That Girl.  When not creating music, Sally spends quality time with her husband and twin daughters building tiny houses.  

2)     Be uniquely authentic and write from your heart.  Represent who you feel best as; people have a tendency to write about their representative not the real person. Example: When not making award winning music, Sally Goodgirl pays her success forward through her family-run nonprofit, Tiny Houses, which uses donated supplies to build small houses for the homeless.  

3)     Proofread.  Use good grammar and spell words correctly. It can be distracting to the reader and you may lose their interest. When in doubt, look the word up, please!  

4)     Revisit and revise.  You may have to modify your bio depending on the audience, especially if it’s related to a field in which you are an expert. Sally as an artist speaking to music students:  Sally Goodgirl writes, records and produces inspirational music with hip hop influence through her record company, Goodgirl Sounds. An honors graduate of The School of Music, Sally is an award-winning music professional with the current top hit single, You Did That Girl.

In conclusion, your bio is the best way to represent the best of who you are to your audiences. Use it to your advantage to sell your talents, gifts, products and services. Write from your heart and the words will flow.  If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a complimentary review and feedback of your bio at

4 Communities for New and Emerging Bloggers

The world of blogging can be overwhelming.  So much to learn. So much to do. So much to write about.  Yes, the basic premise of blogging is to write good content on subjects that matter to the writer in hopes of making a connection with a reader who becomes a follower.  It’s really all about relationship building.

But the reality is, bloggers need inspiration, ideas and a support network for growing their followers and tools for creating a powerful and exciting blog.  One effective solution is to join a blogging community. You will meet and identify bloggers who have the same challenges as you.  You will glean ideas for content and writing better content. You will also learn how to turn your blog into a business.

Below, I am sharing four communities that I have found recent value in following as I continue to develop myself as a professional blogger and building my social media business.  I hope you visit and you find value, too, in the information that they have to share. Oh, and if this information was of value to you, please consider following my blog and I will follow back. Enjoy!


Free Money

I love contests and financial incentives Imageaimed towards entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Because I am an idea advocate, it is exciting to find and share opportunities with others who may need some financial support to launch a new business or product. After all, everyone needs a little help now and then, and if you are serious about your idea, well, then, why not put forth the effort and try your luck.  You just never know.  Besides money, there is often media recognition and PR exposure that you may not have otherwise had.  Think Shark Tank but not televised.

Several years ago, I attended an elevator pitch contest during the Black Enterprise Magazine Entrepreneurs Conference. I was very impressed with the originality of the ideas and how the participants sold their ideas in like 30 seconds. It was also very inspiring to see the level of sincere support being offered by the judges and audience.  I always wondered what happened to the $10,000 grand prize winner, a young man named Brandon with a retail web design business in a mall.  Fast forward to 2013 and I was attending a business meeting, and the young man who had won the contest was there doing a presentation.  I knew I recognized him from somewhere but wasn’t quite sure. I was waiting for him to reference the contest but he didn’t. I approached him and his wife to inquire and he couldn’t believe that I remembered him and the event.  He had done such an impressive job that I had no choice but to remember him. I was very happy to see that his career was doing well and his business launched into opportunities greater than he probably expected.

I truly believe that divine blessings come in unexpected and nontraditional, outside-of-the-box ways.  So from time to time, I will share opportunities that I hope will turn into life-changing moments for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  In return, I hope you put forth the effort to at least consider and try.

To get you started, here are a few to consider:

The Wells Fargo Works Project. Tell your story for a chance to win $25,000 plus expert small business advice.  Here’s what you will need:  Download the contest guidelines; create a 2.5 minute video or write a 600 word essay; and complete the entry form. Hurry!!!! The contest ends June 30, 2014.

Entrepreneur of 2014 (presented by The UPS Store).  Entries due by June 17, 2014, but first check to see if you qualify by answering few quick questions.

Good luck to you! But most importantly, best wishes for your success…