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Limiting beliefs about your money and your business

money-bag-filled-with-moneyA little over eight days ago, I attended the last day’s event at Transform 2014 with Pamela Bruner and I want to share my takeaway about removing limiting beliefs about money.  If you are in business as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, and feel you are not producing the income you desire, you MUST reconsider your beliefs about money. Sometimes we discount our services and products because we think potential clients won’t pay.  What that really means is that we don’t think we are worth it.  But if the product or service that you are offering can help them take their business to another level, change their quality of life, provide a unique experience, then your prices and fees are not about you making money but about them getting the transformation they need.  You have to see the value in what you provide and target the customers that understand your value and will pay your price.  Now keep in mind, you have to be realistic and consider the market price but I’m really referring to prices that undercut the market, which are hurting you overall.  Remember, quality over quantity.

In other instances, we don’t invest in ourselves because we see it as an unnecessary debt. But here’s the thing, if you don’t invest in yourself, there’s no guarantee of any return.  An investment is a risk but investing in yourself always pays off because it will never depreciate.  No one can take knowledge and sound information away from you.  It is there to make you a better person, to produce a better product and provide a valued service.  When you make that type of investment, then you can produce the income you desire for the other types of long-term (house) and consumable debt (credit cards).  Better yet, if you make enough money, you won’t have any debt at all!  Now that sounds fabulous!

So what are your limiting beliefs about money?  If you are a blogger, do you believe you can’t monetize your blog?  Don’t know which direction to start?  One investment that I chose to make in myself and my freelance business pursuits was joining a blog community at Problogger.com. Already I’ve learned some technical tricks and blog support information that I wasn’t aware of that I will be implementing soon.  I’ve also taken on a 31 day blogging challenge which is a powerful vehicle to help you hit the mark without unnecessarily stumbling.  Click on the icon to the right to learn more about the challenge, and begin to harness your true power as a successful blogger.

Remember, personal and professional transformation occurs with awareness and that starts from within.  Make sure you are not holding you back with limiting thoughts and beliefs about money and investing in yourself.


Beyond Labels in Branding


Rhys Thomas conducting a transformation energy exercise with participants at the Transform 2014 Conference with Pamela Bruner.

Transform 2014 with Pamela Bruner is really about business development and personal conscious growth from anything blocking success and transformation.  Many of today’s successful entrepreneurs got into business because they wanted to experience greater life purpose through their ideas, knowledge, gifts and talents. Today was very enlightening as one of the general sessions focused on authenticity through branding as a key principle in transforming business goals.  Because I have experience in marketing and employee communications and was involved in a few brand launches, I understand the visual, verbal and experiential value of brand identity.  However, my AHA moment was the presentation by author, speaker and trainer Rhys Thomas in which he described branding one’s self based on their spiritual core. From a professional perspective, I try to approach all of my projects in this manner but recognize that this is not necessarily conventional in the corporate realm.  But Rhys told the audience that their core is their power. “If you hold back any of you, you are not presenting your brand…They (clients) buy who YOU are, which is the essence of all great leaders,” Thomas shared with a captivated audience to own their core quality.  “Leaders have no mission because they ARE their mission.”

Rhys is the founder and developer of the Rhys Method Profile Assessments and the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and works with clients around the world in finding and developing their inner purpose. In his presentation, he described that there are five types of people (thinkers, feelers, team players, achievers, and leaders) each with their own unique qualities. While most people share more than one of these types in their nature, only one type is the core essence of who they really are.  Often, however, is that the projection of who a person thinks they should be is who shows up. His basic message was that for entrepreneurs and business owners to have authenticity, their brand should come from a deeper place within not their projected image.

Wow, really deep stuff here and this was just the morning session.  I believe this tidbit of information will resonate with someone who is wrestling with an appropriate name for a business or determining how to market a unique service or product.  The bottom line is to know thyself, use strategic but authentic messaging, and acknowledge that your core is your power.


Transform 2014 with Pamela Bruner

Transform with Pamela Bruner, Charlotte, NC, June 18-20, 2014

Transform with Pamela Bruner, Charlotte, NC, June 18-20, 2014

I’m done with my 12 Day Good Belly Probiotic Drink Challenge and have had some success but more about that later.

For the next few days I am at Pamela Bruner’s Transform 2014 Conference in Charlotte, NC learning marketing and business tips for “Tapping Into Wealth and Business Mastery.”  There are over 200 people in attendance maximizing their innate skills and abilities as business coaches and entrepreneurs. Each is committed to moving their business goals to another level not only through sales growth, but personal insight into how to remove self-sabotaging behavior that could be blocking business success.

The highlight for the first day was learning to use the emotional freedom technique (EFT) and tapping to tap into the body’s own energy source to shift paradigms and limiting beliefs to transform the business mindset. I had never heard of tapping and found it to be an interesting activity. I will discuss more about tapping in a later post as well as create a video demonstrating the basic technique that I’ve learned today.

The real work of the conference began as we learned marketing tips to attract more clients and sell more effectively.  Did you know that marketing is really about ensuring that the client feels heard and understood?  To accomplish this, however, you have to 1) identify your target market, 2) go where they are, 3) connect when you get there, and 4) follow up when you get home.  Seems simple enough but can often be challenging if you are not the extroverted type.  But keep in mind that networking will always remain the key principle activity of marketing that gets results, and one that should never be discounted in today’s social-networked reality of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Those marketing tools are great but you know, sometimes you have to get out there and get in the potential client’s face armed with your 30 second elevator pitch and a smile. Just remember to be more interested, than interesting.

Hope this information is helpful and encourages someone today who may be struggling as an entrepreneur or considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship.  Life is too short to be unhappy at a job that drains you so do what you love and gifted at performing to create your dream business.

I will be back tomorrow with more tidbits from the conference.